Team coaching program
"Team Master"

The success of a team is not due to chance - rather, it is the result of a well-designed project.

The purpose of the program

The program aims to: facilitate the process of solving dilemmas and assist the team in achieving the goals they have when implementing projects.

The role of the coach

The role of the team coach is to provide the team with tools that will allow it to find its own effective solution to meet various challenges.

Partner with the team leader to determine the purpose of the session and the desired outcome

Involvement of each team member in determining their role, expectations, personal goals

Creation of rules of interaction, decision-making scheme, taking responsibility and motivation for the result

Create a vision for the desired overall result for the team

Creating a roadmap for achieving the desired result

Individual meetings with the team leader to support progress

Group meetings with the team to motivate and monitor progress

Evaluation of results and program for achieving sustainable progress

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