Project manager as a coach for his/her team

The most important leadership competency that distinguishes highly effective managers is COACHING.

Gain considerable experience on how to create a supprotive relatiosnhip with your employees.

Help them to achieve more.

Manage personal development of your team.

You will learn:

11 coaching competencies that will become an indispensable contribution to the development of you as a leader, and your subordinates as talented and creative employees of the company.

The art of coaching conversation. How can that be?

Active listening. Think about an instance when you are trying to relay important information to a person, whose thoughts are preoccupied with other matters. Compare this experience with another instance when your listener is fully focused on you and actively listens to what you are saying with an open heart and mind. You can start a coaching conversation with a member of your team with this question: "What do you really want to achieve this month?".

Your choice of words is less important than your eagerness to listen with full attention andyour ability to create the type of quality connection that will allow your team member to open up and think creatively, with confidence that his/her responses are important to you.

Ask open-ended questions, do not tell the team member what to do. As a manager, you have a high level of knowledge that you are used to sharing, often in a directive format. This is great when you specify actions for a project you are leading or when people come to you for advice. But in a coaching conversation, it is extremely important to restrain your impulse to tell your team member what and how to do things and give ready answers. Open-ended questions, not answers, are coaching tools.

As a coach for your subordinates, you help your team members formulate their goals and objectives and find their own solutions. That is how they will be able to clarify for themselves their priorities and develop new strategies that will not only save company resources, but will also resonate with what they like best and what they will seek to do with pleasure.

How to become an experienced coach for your team?