Project coaching "Coach Format"

The program is developed based on international coaching standards in accordance with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) team coaching recommendations.

We do not impose ready-made typical decisions - Coach takes responsibility for the process of coaching and organizes it in such a way that the team itself finds the best ways to achieve the goals .

How do we work?

Health check of the team

Identifying problems that the company faces in implementing innovative projects.

METHOD: Personal coaching sessions with the business owner and top management.

DURATION: 4 hours.

Coaching Agreement

Defining the goals of the project, the expected result from the coaching engagement.

METHOD: Personal and team coaching sessions.

DURATION: 4 hours.

Creating a project vision and roadmap

Creating a shared vision of the maximum possible outcome for the project team and a roadmap for achieving the desired result.

METHOD: Team session.

DURATION: 16 hours.

Follow up and support

Supporting effective team engagement in the implementation of the project roadmap.

METHOD: Personal and team coaching sessions.

DURATION: 3-9 months.

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What do you get as a result?

Change in culture of teamwork;

Monitoring of time costs and effectiveness of planned project activities;

Improving discipline and responsibility for the result of each team member;

Timely and effective solution to unforeseen situations.

What skills does the team acquire ?

Planing skills to solve various tasks;

The ability to solve problems requiring urgent resolutions;

The acceptance of responsibility for results;

Effective interaction in a wide variety of situations.

The first coaching session is free of charge!