Our one of a kind MINI MBA program allows you to make a breakthrough in quality of your management skills in a very short time. Fellow students and faculty create a learning environment online where you are encouraged to challenge assumptions in the quest for deeper understanding and smarter solutions.

Achieving high results in every field of business activities requires experienced leaders who are able not only to support already established business systems, but also to introduce new technologies, to implement innovationsand change, to create and support productive teams.


1 Management Functions


  • Strategic planning as a management function.
  • Strategic planning tools.
  • Goal setting.


  • Business procedures standardization as a management function.
  • KPI-based business process management.


  • Personnel motivation as a management function.
  • Systems, concepts and motivation factors.


  • Monitoring and evaluation as a management function. Tools and programs that provide task control.
  • Principles of reporting systems.

2 Strategic and tactical marketing

Strategic marketing

  • Marketing objectives
  • Mission and vision based on values
  • The concept of 5P.
  • Marketing strategies.
  • Customers Portrait

Tactical marketing

  • Promotion strategy and marketing plan based on customers needs.
  • Competitive analysis
  • Competitive advantages.
  • Pricing strategies.

3 Management of sales of goods and services

Sales management

  • Principles of building distribution, B2B and B2C.
  • Features of sales management services.

Sales funnel

  • Sales funnel as a sales management tool.
  • Monitoring and KPI of each stage of the funnel.

Personnel Management

  • Sales department personnel management.
  • Daily sales funnel meetings.
  • Effective seller motivation systems.

Organization of wholesale and retail sales

  • Wholesale and retail sales.
  • Pricing systems.
  • Active sales.

4 Customer Relationship Management

Customer service

  • NPS Consumer Loyalty Index.
  • Components of a customer-oriented service.
  • Psychology of emotional sales.
  • Business processes "Through the eyes of the client."
  • Building personal relationships with customers at the stages of customer-company interaction.

Feedback systems

  • Building a customer service quality management system.
  • Establishment of an internal process for collecting and processing customer feedback.
  • Methods and tools for collecting feedback.

CRM systems

  • CRM-system, as a tool to help organize work with the client.
  • Varieties of CRM-systems.
  • Systematization of customer data.
  • Customer management at different stages of interaction with the company
  • Ways to increase customer base.


  • Algorithm for effective conflict resolution.
  • Establishment of an internal process for dealing with customer complaints.
  • Proactivity.
  • Types of conflicting clients, features of work.

5 Financial Management


  • Fundamentals of budgeting.
  • Compilation and interpretation of budget forms: P&L, Cashflow, Balance sheet.

Reporting and Automation

  • Reporting systems with monitoring of budget indicators.
  • Ways to automate reporting.


  • New in taxation.
  • Optimization of taxation according to business needs.

Investment projects

  • Determining the parameters of investment attractiveness of projects.
  • Calculation of the IRR, NPV, ROI and payback of projects.

6 Management and Leadership


  • Situational leadership.
  • Non-directive leadership.
  • Creating productive teams - as a way to increase efficiency.


  • Coaching as a new management paradigm.
  • Coaching skills for the leader.

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