Our business consultants with years of experience in various companies and in various management positions have a proven expertise in overcoming any crisis in the services provided. The main advantage of external consultants over staff members: versatile expertise, a "fresh look" and freedom from corporate relations.

Our experts will evaluate the situation from all sides: from the management, from the middle level, from the employees of the "first line", from the clients (end consumers) and will offer the optimal solution in cases where expertise within the company is not enough.


Preliminary meeting with the customer.

  • Setting the foundation. Collection of expectations
  • Problems and risks discussion
  • Resources required
  • Communication process within the company

Defining the purpose of the project.

  • Expected result
  • Project work schedule
  • Allocation of responsibilities (staff, consultant)

Conclusion of the contract.

  • Determination of mutual obligations by terms and cost
  • Description of the expected result of the consultant's work

Preliminary analysis of primary materials.
Data collection and analysis by the following criteria:

  • Internal business processes of the company
  • Organization of enterprise management as a whole
  • Review of documentation, reporting
  • Employee survey (interview)
  • SWOT analysis

Development of a working project.

  • Developing recommendations
  • Approval of the project implementation schedule
  • Defining the roles of the parties to the project implementation
  • Definition of control points (forms and terms of intermediate control)

Project implementation.

  • Assisting with organizational change
  • Offering adjustments
  • Training

Post-project stage.

  • Evaluation of results
  • Sustainability strategies.