Decisions offered to the team from the outside are only accepted in 25% of cases.

Stages of facilitation

Choosing goals for discussion

Problem analysis

Identifying solution options

Choosing the best solution


Project managers
Project managers
Heads of companies
Heads of companies
Team  leaders
Team leaders
HR professionals
Middle-level executives
Middle-level executives
Successful facilitation is the joint quality work of participants discussing significant and important issues, and a facilitator who maintains the pace and level of the group, using professionally selected facilitation tools, which enables the group of participants to get the best, maximum result in the discussion process.

As a result, you get:

  • Developed company strategy
  • The solutions found and worked out to overcome the situation
  • Increase in staff motivation
  • A common vision of the situation, decisions and plans
  • Increasing the efficiency of employees
  • Prompt implementation of innovations by engaging participants in the planning phase
  • Creating a safe psychological environment
  • Unifying a team of like-minded people around a common goal